SEV: Yes in the circular economy

At the beginning of 2018, the current document is devoted to the circular economy, a new trend in the productive and consumer process, which has already launched new investments of…


Women in Logistics: Breaking Gender Roles to Win the War for Talent

According to the findings of Logistics Management’s 2017 Salary Survey, the vital role women play in the logistics management community continues to gain traction every year. In this webcast you’ll hear from…

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Economy Minister rules out new tax in Hungary


Greek exports start year on a high by increasing 24%

Greece’s external trade has started the year with a rise, and the balance remains positive even when certain factors that distort the real picture of exports and imports are excluded….


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Hungary Will Build a Rail Link

The government has decided to build a rail link between Liszt Ferenc International Airport and Budapest’s Nyugati railway station, the government office chief announced on Thursday. The government has finally…