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The logistics and transportation sector is facing the challenge of remaining efficient and functional for its customers, while incorporating new safety- and protection rules regarding Covid- 19. Intertruck, both during…


Where will road freight be 10 years from now?


France and Germany Remain The Largest Markets for Imported Figs in the EU

IndexBox has just published a new report: ‘EU – Figs – Market Analysis, Forecast, Size, Trends and Insights’. Here is a summary of the report’s key findings. The revenue of…

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Logistics In The E-Commerce Era

One of the less often thought about components of the digital and retail revolution is how exactly customers and businesses will receive products. Amazon has set the new standard and many consumers…

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E-Commerce Supply Chains in 2018: Millennial Consumers Most Concerned With Speed and Affordability of Deliveries

For today’s millennial consumers, timeliness of deliveries ranks high on the list of requirements for customer satisfaction. In fact, in a study of 3,000 consumers in the United States, Canada, and the…